Using TRX Suspension: Denver Pilates

Everyone is looking for the latest fitness trend that will actually burn calories; but the truth is, a healthy body and mind can be found within a technique that dates all the way back to the 1800’s. Today, it is estimated that over 11 million people take part in the unique form of exercise known as Pilates.

No matter how much, or little, you know about TRX Suspension, Denver Pilates classes have something for everyone. Using your own body weight in conjunction with the TRX Suspension system, you get a fun-filled workout that is effective but does not push you beyond your limitations. Those who jump right into extreme workout regimens run the risk of injuring their knees, back, neck, and more—that’s not the case with suspension training. The workout is tailored depending on your needs from one day to the next, allowing you to choose whether you want an easy workout or a bit of a challenge.

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of using this valuable piece of equipment is the amazing way in which it strengthens and tones your body. It allows you to go deeper into your stretches, both leveraging and supporting your body weight as you use it. From core and cardio to legs and arms, every muscle gets a work out when you train with a TRX Suspension system. When you take classes with an expert, you get all the benefits of the trx system without having to buy the equipment yourself.

The fact that Pilates is still widely practiced today is a testament to this discipline’s enduring quality, as well as its ability to bring about positive changes both physically and mentally.