Class Descriptions | Pilates Classes

Pilates Essential Principles

CONCENTRATION – key element to connecting your mind and body. Concentrate every time you exercise, use the power of your mind.

CONTROL – Joseph Pilates’ philosophy and basic foundation was the idea of muscle control by the mind. No sloppy movements propelled by momentum.

CENTERING – using the muscles between your rib cage and hips leads to a flatter stomach, better posture and back pain prevention.

BREATHING – improving blood circulation helps us to relax. You eventually learn how to coordinate a deep inhale and exhale with each movement.

FLUIDITY– emphasize grace of motion over speed and don’t isolate movements.

PRECISION– focus on one precise and perfect movement instead of 10 sloppy ones

Available Pilates and Fitness Classes




Classes use a multipurpose Pilates machine called the ‘Reformer’. This machine has a movable carriage with pulleys and resistance springs.


Mat Class is done on the floor using your body and sometimes props. We supply the mats!







Improves balance, strength, flexibility & core power in many positions, including sitting, kneeling, standing, supine, prone

Combo Class

20 min each of mat, chair and reformer.






Pilates circuit class

10 stations, utilizing all of the Pilates apparatus, including, the trap table, wall unit, barrel, chair, reformer and mat w/ props

Classical Reformer

A study of the traditional exercises created by Joseph Pilates and passed down through the generations to which we practice today. Learn the Pilates foundations and skills needed to advance your practice.

Pilates Stretch

The Pilates Stretch class will focus on Pilates exercises that increase flexibility throughout the entire body. The class includes a warm up to get the muscles ready to stretch for the remainder of the class as we use Pilates equipment, mat and props to facilitate the stretching movement.


TRX Suspension Training

Must bring clean, dry tennis shoes

Similar to Pilates’ results, TRX workouts increase flexibility & build strength and endurance while burning calories and strengthening your core.


Mature Adults and Rehab Class

This class is targeted for Seniors as well as those who are rehabilitating an acute or chronic injury. All varieties of Pilates classes and TRX are being used in this class structure.

Corporate Classes

Group class done at your business location…. corporate wellness center, office meeting room,