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New Classes!

New Classes:

THURSDAYS 11:30am- Reformer Level 2 with Aimee

FRIDAYS 130pm-Pilates/TRX with Katie

If you are pregnant, newly post-partum, deconditioned, have an injury or are new to Pilates or our studio we recommend you take a private, semi-private or trio private session. We offer an intro package to get started:Please see price list page for all available packages: 1 private session, 3 equipment classes & 1 mat class……$110 1 semi-private, 3 equipment classes & 1 mat class…….$98/person 1 trio-private, 3 equipment classes & 1 mat class…….$93/person.

Pilates is a popular method of exercise in the United States, with more than 5 million individuals participating




Katie is celebrating her 22nd year in business and it is all thanks to you! 
Thank you!  Here is to a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!
Try to work out a little bit every day when you have time. If you can’t find the time once a week then it’s not your priority and nobody can change that but you.  Think about this….
There are 168 hours in a week.
 Let’s say that we sleep 8 hours a night leaving us with 112 hours.
  Let’s shoot high and say 60 hours a week is spent on work.
So we could possibly have 50 hours spare time, give or take.
 What are you doing with that time????


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